Netrunner Season 2 League!

We will be hosting a league for Netrunner starting on Sunday, September 29th and running the entire month of October on Sundays! It costs $5 to enter and you can win some awesome and cool promotional material! If you can’t make it on the 29th you can join at a later time and make up missed games, so no reason not to join and have some fun! Until that time, you can read book blogs and get distracted.

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Theros Prerelease Tournaments!

We will be having 6 events at 5 different times for the Theros Prerelease. Friday night at midnight we will be having both a regular sealed and a two-headed giant event! We also have regular sealed events Saturday at 1pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm, and a final event on Sunday at 1pm! Saturday and Sunday at 1pm will be paying out super top heavy with a Theros Booster Box going to 1st place and additional prizes going to the top players! The midnight events, Saturday at 6:30pm and 10pm are going to all pay out using our pack per win system that we use for normal FNM! Each event is $25 per person, so come down and get your hands on some amazing new cards!

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Theros Preorders

We are taking preorders for all Theros products up until Sunday, September 22nd!  If you preorder a box early enough you get an awesome buy-a-box promo!

Boxes of 36 Boosters: $89.99

Case of 6 Booster Boxes: $519.99

Fat Packs: $29.99

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We have dedicated tables in-store specifically for Warhammer: Fantasy and 40k games.  We keep a healthy selection of all ranges of models for both games along with the complete line of hobby tools and paints!  We also host tournaments for both games about every other month were you can win some awesome prizes!

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Every Wednesday night at 6pm we have a Vanguard Tournament for just $5! Everyone who signs up gets 1 booster pack from any set of your choice and a promo pack! We play 3 rounds and you win an additional booster pack of your choice for every round you win! We usually get a great turn out, so come join in on all the action!

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Magic Drafts

Magic Draft Tournaments are every Friday at 6:30pm and 10pm for just $12! You win a pack for every round you win and bonus packs for going undefeated! We also have FNM promo cards for both Friday night events! No deck required, just come and have fun!

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